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Steel Mill Bearings


Steel industry is one of the essential industries for the development of any community. In fact, it is really the base for numerous industries that could not have been established without steel industry. The application area including continuous caster roll,hot rolling unit, cold rolling unit and Sendzimir mill. According to the application characteristics of high temperature, high precision, heavy load, severe pollution and continuous operation of conticaster working conditions, SXM developed specialized steel bearings,which mainly applied in the conveying roller of conticaster, pre and post hot rolling and heating furnace, etc..

Continuous caster roll

Hot rolling

Cold rolling unit

Sendzimir mill

Main Steel Bearing Models
23080CAK/W33 21315CA/C4W33S1 1310
23122CA/W33 NUP310E 16028M
23128CA/W33 22220CC/C4W33S1 21318CA/W33
23130CA/W33 22210CC/C4W33S2 2210
23136CAK/W33 6310-2Z 2212
23138CA/W33 352221 22210CA/W33
23140CA/W33 352224 22212CA/W33
23148CA/W33 22312CA/W33 22213CA/W33
23220CA/W33 22213CAK/W33  
23228CAK/W 33 22214CA/W33  
23244CA/W33 22216CA/W33  
24036CA/C3W33 22216CAK/W33  
24048CA/C3W33 22217CA/W33  
24056CA/W33 22217CAK/W33  
24060CA/W33 22218CA/W33  
24128CA/W33 22219CA/W33  
24148CA/W33 22219CAKN33  
29264 22220CAM33  
29426 22220CAKN33  
29464 22222CA/W33  
30208 22222CAKNW33  
30209 22222CAKN33  
30210 22226CAM33  
30212 22226CAKN33  
30213 22226CAKN33  
30220 22228CAM33  
30222 22230CAW33  
30228 22230CAK/W33  
30230 22236CAM33  
30232 22260CAW33  
30308 22308CAM33  
30310 22310CA/W33  
30311 22312CA/W33  
30315 22313CA/W33  
30318 22314CA/W33  
30324 22315CA/W33  
30352 22315CAK/W33  
32010 22316CA/W33  
32018 22318CA/W33  
32028 22320CA/W33  
32044/DF 22322CA/W33  
32207 22324CA/W33  
32209 22332CA/W33  
32210 22332CAK/C3W33  
32212 22332CAKM33  
32214 22334CAM33  
32216 23022CA/W33  
32217 23028CA/W33  
32219 23036CAW33  
32220 23040CAK/W33  
32221 23056CA/W33  
32222 2306  
32226 23060CA/C3W33  
32228 23060CAK/W33  
32230 23064CA/C3W33  
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