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1. Raw Material

The standard bearing steel comes from Hebei big Steel Plant, strictly according to the Chinese raw material standard GB/T18254-2016: C 0.95-1.05 , Mn 0.25-0.45 , Si 0.15-0.35,Cr 1.40-1.65.


2. Grinding Process

To ensure the super precision of bearings, we grind the faces of the inner and outer rings of the bearings, rough grinding and super grinding of the inner ring and outer ring diameters 3 times, and finally super finish.

3. Heat Treatment

Improve hardness, strength, wear resistance, contact fatigue performance, comprehensive toughness



4. Quality Control System

Mature QC management system: raw material inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection.  QC employees have at least five years of bearing inspection experience. Professional measuring instrument ensure the bearing quality.



We have professional vibration measuring instrument, size measuring instrument, verticality measuring instrument, noise measuring instru- ment, hardness measuring instrument, flaw detection and metallogr- aphic analysis.


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